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E-mail Via Phone         
Your E-mail is a phone call away!    
E-mail Via Phone lets you listen to your incoming E-mail messages using any touch-tone phone. You can easily access your messages while driving, on vacation, or anywhere else.

E-mail Via Phone will call you when a new e-mail message arrives. Better yet, Its powerful rule system allows you to specify which messages you are interested in.

E-mail Via Phone is highly customizable and easy to use. All you need is an E-mail account, voice modem and you are ready to go.

eCaller ID      
it speaks for itself!    
eCaller ID announces who is calling as soon as you have a call. It tells you the name, the number of the caller.

eCaller ID displays the Caller ID information. It also logs this information for for future reference.

eCaller ID's rule system enables you to customize the announcement based on the caller. You can set it to say anything you like for some individuals while ignore other calls which do not have caller ID information. With eCaller ID you can store as many callers as you wish, the only limitation on the number of callers to have would be you hard drive.

eCaller ID is easy to use. All you need is Caller ID enabled modem and Caller ID service from your local phone company.





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