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Are you a reseller, Internet Service Provider, software or hardware manufacturer?
Do you have access to a large user base?
If so, You can earn revenue by distributing the award winning E-mail Via Phone TM.

If you want to bundle a full version of E-mail Via Phone with another software or hardware product, please contact sales@softrunner.com.

More questions? contact sales@softrunner.com

E-mail Via Phone is a software product which lets you listen to your incoming E-mail messages using any touch-tone phone. You can easily access your messages while driving, on vacation, or anywhere else. E-mail Via Phone will call you when a new e-mail message arrives. Better yet, Its powerful rule system allows you to specify which messages you are interested in. E-mail Via Phone is highly customizable and easy to use. All you need is an E-mail account, voice modem and you are ready to go. E-mail Via Phone runs on Windows 95 and Windows 98.

For a more detailed overview check the E-mail Via Phone overview page. A trial version is also available for download.

The business model is revenue sharing. You will receive 20% of each sale you generate.

SoftRunner will take care of order processing, billing, accounting and customer support. The only thing you need to do is to distribute E-mail Via Phone. No special setup is required on your side. You can entirely concentrate on getting your users/visitors to try E-mail Via Phone. It is that simple.

If you want to bundle a full version of E-mail Via Phone with another software or hardware product, please contact sales@softrunner.com

For further details check out the How does it all work? section.

We are looking for affiliates that have access to a large user base. We are specifically interested in partnering with:

  • Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Software or hardware manufacturer.
  • Online communities.
  • Web sites with high visibility (At least 1000 visitors per day)
Joining the program is FREE and allows you to immediately start earning revenue.
How to join the program?

When you join the program, we will E-mail you a distribution package. The package consists of the E-mail Via Phone install program and marketing material taken from our web site. The use of the marketing material is optional though we highly recommend it.

Distribution: You can distribute the trial version of E-mail Via Phone on your web site. You can also send direct E-mail or mail to your user base. In general, there are no restrictions on the distribution method except for one: You are not permitted to submit the software to any of the shareware sites. Doing this would cause conflicts with our own distribution. 

If you want to bundle a full version of E-mail Via Phone with another software or hardware product, please contact sales@softrunner.com.

Installation: The install program is a single executable file ( ephone.exe ) which includes the trial version of E-mail Via Phone. The user installs the software by downloading the file and running it. We recommend that you host the file on your FTP or Web server.

Ordering: When the user decides to order the product he needs to press the 'Order Online' button that is located in the first screen of the trial version. The users default web browser will be launched and the E-mail Via Phone online registration from will be displayed. At this point we already know who referred the user to the order page. If the user orders the product we log the transaction including the name of the referrer and credit your account.

This is how the URL looks like: 

The keyword 'referral' in the end of the URL allows us to credit your account when one of your users orders the product. It is that simple.

Check out How to join the program?

A single license for E-mail Via Phone costs (currently) $29.95. A 10 users license is $245 (Other quantities are also available).

SoftRunner pays you 20% on each license sold. This means that for a single license you will receive $6. For a 10 user license you will receive $45.

Payments are issued at the end of each month. We will send you a detailed report that includes all the sales you made plus a check for the amount you earned.  Weekly reports are also available on demand.

SoftRunner handles all the support issues. You don't have to do any customer support. The software itself has links to our customer support page and E-mail address.

Please read the Who can join the program? before you apply.

In order to apply for the affiliate program please contact sales@softrunner.com and include the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Company name
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone number
  • Primary Nature of Business
  • Web site address
  • E-mail address to send sales reports
  • Name to write on payment check

  • Estimated number of users that visit your site (or that you have access to by other means).

  • How do you intend to distribute the software.

We promise to get back to you in 2 working days. If you qualify, we will send you all the information required to get you going.

Questions: sales@softrunner.com

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